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JAX / VOZ Meet & Greet Road Ride

Join us every last Saturday of the month Meet & Greet road ride from Jax Bicycle Center in Irvine (14210 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604). Roll out time – 8:00 AM.

Quick N Dirty

MTB racing for 2018 is in the books for Anthony. Great year with lots of accomplishments. Congratulations Anthony!

Year-End Celebration

Hi VOZ’ers It has been a little over a week since our year-end celebration and turnout was amazing! We hope everyone recognized and enjoyed each other’s company without cycling gear on. This past year, 2016, was a great twelve months with consistent Sunday fun rides. The outlook for 2017 is exciting as we Venture into other activities such as volunteering, hiking, running, and of course cycl...

Welcome to VOZ 2016!

Greetings all Vozzers!  Welcome to 2016!  This is the start of a phenomenally exciting year for the VOZ community and the cycling world as a whole!  To start, the VOZ website will be getting energized with a new look and upgraded features, including a new user profile interface and a new forum interface to make it easier for community members to share and seek information related to cycling and he...

My Camp Pendleton Hell Fire Fat Tire Race Report!!!

March 22, 2014 | By Sunny Day It’s 4:30 am on a Saturday and I was up! Why oh why?  Why did I sign up for another one of these biking events??   Oh, I know why?  It’s because I love to ride.  Really?  Is it just because of that?  Of course not!  The truth is…I love to ride even more when I have great companies to ride with.  So I couldn’t say “no”, when …Sandy Westphal was calling me out to ...