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My Camp Pendleton Hell Fire Fat Tire Race Report!!!

March 22, 2014 | By Sunny Day It’s 4:30 am on a Saturday and I was up! Why oh why?  Why did I sign up for another one of these biking events??   Oh, I know why?  It’s because I love to ride.  Really?  Is it just because of that?  Of course not!  The truth is…I love to ride even more when I have great companies to ride with.  So I couldn’t say “no”, when …Sandy Westphal was calling me out to join her in another challenging mountain bike race at Camp Pendleton.  It’s an endurance 28 miles  race with 3,200 feet of elevation gain.  Sandy…Giving me one and a half hour to decide as the price would be going up the next day.  Yikes, ok ok!  That can’t be too bad looking at the distance.  So there I did it again. The day before the race, I got an email from Hard Corps Racing giving your final...[Read More]